Living in the question


This morning, like every morning my dog Buddy is out in the woods barking barking barking. There seems to me to be no real purpose to his morning routine. After 10 or 15 minutes of barking through the woods and around the pond and yard he returns to stand on the porch gazing outward.

This morning I’m a bit like Buddy – as I’m wandering from room to room picking up this and putting it down somewhere else my mind is barking barking barking. I have 2 weeks to finish packing to leave this place that has been my home for 3 years.

My intention for my journey is to visit friends and others who listen and provide their honest feed-back about my desire to form an intentional community of older women sharing resources so we can get on with our work in the world.

My spiritual director Kent Groff and I talked about my belief in the Big Hook in the Sky catching me like a fish on a hook then throwing me into the chaos of working in the beginning of movements that change how we care for each other.

For instance 43 years ago at one of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s first week long conferences on death and dying I met people involved in the development of the first hospice programs in this country. Not only did I make good friends that lasted years, I found my work in the world calling. When I returned home I serendipitously met a woman who was involved in the beginnings of the Hospice Program in Flint, Michigan. I became the president of the board and later the executive director. That led to my work as Executive Director of the Michigan Hospice Organization and later to developing family support programs for The Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards. That first 25 years of work underpinned much of my work and my current desire to create sustainable community for us late bloomers.

As Kent and I talked he had a flash that changed my thinking. He saw the hook turned upside down as a question mark. Ahh.  Living in the question…

So I begin today gazing out…



About Marian Methner, B.S., D.Min.

Polydox: accepting that we are many labels, I am mother of 4, mother in law (love) of 4 and grandmother of 5. My life is a collection of bits and starts. I was recently on the road for over a year exploring ideas of living in shared housing. A recent summer course in Permaculture design, solidifed my interest in "social permaculture" or ways we interact not only with our Earthly environment but also with each other. I am back Bellingham, Washington, in a small rental house, owned by my ex husband, talk about shared housing, practicing living in community with family, and friends. My doctoral dissertation A Map to Living Open Heartedly, centers around making art as a way to healing. Paradoxiclly, a recent diagnoses of heart failure (cardiomyopathy) expands this exploration...
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2 Responses to Living in the question

  1. soulwrite says:

    Homeless by choice: “Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Child of Earth has nowhere to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20; Son of Man = Child of Adam = Earth).

  2. thanks – from my soul to yours…

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