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Hide and Seek

A bit of sun for a moment last week “I suspect that when modern Americans ask “what is sacred” they are really asking “what place is mine? what community to I belong to? …We are seeking the tribal, anything with … Continue reading

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What’s Mine is Yours

We become human only in the company of other human beings. And this involves both opening our hearts and giving voice to our deepest convictions. …When we shrink from the world, our souls shrink, too.~Paul Rogat Loeb I’ve been house/dog … Continue reading

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What do I stand on

“Revising the self-story provides the foundation for doing our life work, and for seeing our lives, whatever we choose to do, as a never-ending story.” (Christina Baldwin, Storycatchers) I began the day, cup of hot coffee at hand, scratching the … Continue reading

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